Oak Ridge, NC Area 2 meter Frequencies
#Freq(+/-)ToneTone Squelch?Notes Nets?
 1 146.520 N/A  N/A National Calling Frequency
 2 145.470-100 Hz Yes W4NC FARC Sauratown Mountain  R 8:30pm (ARES)
 M-F 2:30pm (Vagabond)
 3 146.640-100 HzNo W4NC FARC Winston-Salem  
 4 145.150-100 HzNo W4GSO GARA Greensboro  Su 7:30pm (Technical forum)
 Su 9pm (news & info net)
 R 9pm (ARES)
 5 145.250-88.5 HzNo W4GG GAS Greensboro  M 8pm (Rag Chew)
 W 8:45pm (Rag Chew)
 6 147.255+82.5 HzYes K4ITL Asheboro  T 8:30pm (SKYWARN)
 7 146.760-156.7 HzYes N2DMR Browns Summit  
 8 147.030+118.8 HzNo W4BFJ Reidsville  
 9 146.865+88.5 HzNo KF4OVA Kernersville  W 8:30pm (K-Vegas Rag Chew)
10 147.165+noneN/A W4UA High Point  
11 147.345+103.5 HzYes N4IV Madison  M 8:30pm(Rockingham Club)
 R 8:30 (ARES)
12 147.000+88.5 HzYes WW4DC Thomasville 
13 146.910-107.2 HzYes W4PAR Lexington 

Oak Ridge, NC Area 70 cm Frequencies
#Freq(+/-)ToneTone Squelch?Notes
 1 444.275+100 Hz? W4NC Farc Winston-Salem
 2 444.625+107.2 Hz? KF4OVA Kernersville
 3 442.8625+noneN/A W4GSO GARA Greensboro
 4 444.475+88.5 Hz? KD4DNY Summerfield 
 5 443.900none? W4UA Greensboro
 6 444.225none? W4GG GAS Browns Summit
 7 444.850+100 Hz? K4GW King-Sauratown Mountain

Oak Ridge, NC Area non-Amateur Radio Frequencies
 1 121.750 GSO airport ground service
 2 121.900 GSO airport ground control
 3 119.100 GSO airport tower
 4 128.550 GSO airport ATIS
 5 118.500 GSO airport approach southeast
 6 124.350 GSO airport approach northwest
 7 162.400 NOAA Winston-Salem

Southport, NC Area VHF & UHF
#Freq(+/-)ToneTone Squelch?Notes
 1 444.600noneN/A K5EK St. James
 2 147.22588.5 HzYes K5EK St. James
 3 146.82088.5 Hz? Wilmington
 4 147.315118.8 Hz? Bolivia
 5 145.37088.5 Hz? Bolivia

VX-150 Memory Erase

This is from here on

First, get into memory mode and display the memory channel you want to delete. Second, from the keypad enter a zero then press and hold the F key until you hear a beep, be sure the volume is up enough to hear the beep, then press the MR key. The display will then show memory channel 1 and the deleted memory channel will be gone.

Doesn't look like this is in the manual so good to know!